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    Tired of watching your sales team go through the motions and getting effort confused with results? 

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    In our LIVE classroom training we make LIVE calls to REAL prospects to show you how our unique sales process works.

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    Costigan Training University  (CTU) is the most complete and dynamic online sales training platform on the market. 

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    Onsite. Online. On-demand.

    Sales reps can be trained anywhere, anytime and at their own pace. 

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Why Costigan Training?

Hey we get it, nobody wants to spend money on sales training. What we do want to invest in are the results that OUTSTANDING sales training gives us. For sales forces as small as 10 all the way to working with the big boys (many fortune 100 companies), Costigan Training customizes sales programs that cover all stages in the selling process. Whether your top goals are acquiring new accounts, enhancing your reps ability to over come objections, or close deals faster, Costigan Training programs are designed to teach what to say and how to say it regardless of the vertical you are in.

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By the numbers


More than 75% of sales calls end without the sales person asking for commitment.


45% of companies recognize a need to improve sales manager training.


90% of people are uncomfortable introducing themselves to others.

Sep 09
 Who tunes into a Webinar at 2:00 pm on a Friday afternoon?  760+ Oracle sales reps did!We are so glad to be part of a record setting day where the focus of the webinar was on Gatekeepers and Voice Mails. The message was simple:#1 - Know... read more
Aug 19
 Based on Costigan Training's research roughly 99% of all objections you hear fall into one of 7 categories: 1. Price Objections -Too expensive 2. Timing Objections -No sense of urgency3. Not fit perceptions -Your product is... read more
Aug 12
 Below are Costigan Training's "6 P's" that will help you remember the importance of proper preparation before sales calls. The 6 P’s:1.  Prior: • Be ready to be OUTSTANDING before the sales call.2. Proper: • Bad practice... read more