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Outstanding Sales Training

Onsite. Online. On-demand.

Tired of watching your sales team go through the motions and getting effort confused with results?

Change the game

Onsite Sales Training

In our LIVE classroom training we make LIVE calls to REAL prospects to show you how our unique sales process works.

Change the game

Online Sales Training

Costigan Training University (CTU) is the most complete and dynamic online sales training platform on the market.

Change the game

On-demand Sales Training

Sales reps can be trained anywhere, anytime and at their own pace.

Change the game

Why Costigan Training?

Hey we get it, nobody wants to spend money on sales training. What we do want to invest in are the results that OUTSTANDING sales training gives us. For sales forces as small as 10 all the way to working with the big boys (many fortune 100 companies), Costigan Training customizes sales programs that cover all stages in the selling process. Whether your top goals are acquiring new accounts, enhancing your reps ability to over come objections, or close deals faster, Costigan Training programs are designed to teach what to say and how to say it regardless of the vertical you are in.


90% of people are uncomfortable introducing themselves to others.


Only 2% of sales are made on the first contact.


83% of call attempts go to voice mail, and the average cold call return rate by those prospects is less than 5%.


LIVE Classroom Training

Our LIVE Classroom training is typically a 1.5-day training class held in a relaxed and easy to learn atmosphere that helps break down barriers often existing in relationships between sales representatives and prospects/customers. We can come to you, or you can come to us! When our clients bring their sales team to us, classes are held near our headquarters in Cary, North Carolina at the amazing Prestonwood Country Club. This is always a big hit, and is a great way to get your sales reps out of their typical environment to really focus on learning.

During our classroom trainings, our instructors will make LIVE calls to REAL prospects to help show you how our unique sales process works. Your sales representatives will leave motivated and better equipped to change prospect/customer behavior and take their sales career to a whole new level.

Our classes are highly customizable based on your needs and span the entire sales process from what happens before the face-to-face/phone call, during the call and through what happens after the call. Our classroom training is entertaining and very interactive with built-in role-play exercises and activities designed to immediately reinforce the concepts we teach. The LIVE classroom-training platform is a must!


Online Training (CTU)

Imagine if your reps could be trained anywhere, anytime, and at their own pace, and it was delivered in such a way that the content, delivery, and platform were better than anything they’d ever seen before. Costigan Training University is the most complete and dynamic sales training platform on the market and it’s loaded with the same award winning sales training we do LIVE all around the globe.  CTU is GREAT content on a GREAT platform guaranteed to change prospect/customer behavior!

Change the Game

Find out how Costigan Training can help you reach your sales goals through our online and in-person sales training programs.
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